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* Sheraton at Universal Studios * April 28, 29, & 30, 2006 *


Do you have an idea or script for a TV show or movie?  Then don't miss the Great American PitchFest, April 28-30th, at the Sheraton Universal Hotel in Los Angeles. 


One lucky participant will win a prize valued at $25,000 (US) to have a trailer produced for their script/concept, and then have it shopped to all the major studios, courtesy of Production Headquarters and the Great American PitchFest.  Prize includes:


  • Production of a trailer for the best script or concept (all film & tv projects will be considered)
  • Producer attachment with Production Headquarters & Protagonist Pictures/Twilight Pictures Inc.
  • Agency & Management Representation
  • Consideration of a distribution agreement & full production of your project

You may enter as many projects as you wish.  The only requirement is that all participants who enter must be registered to attend the Great American PitchFest.  To download an entry form, please visit .




Register by April 27th, and you will receive a free, private tour of Universal Studios courtesy of our friends at the New York Film Academy.




If that weren't enough, there's the pitchfest itself!  It's like 'speed dating', except the dates are with Agents, Managers, and Production Companies - and you pitch your scripts and ideas directly to Hollywood! 


Approximately 50-100 companies will be in attendance such as Maverick Films (Madonna's Company), Original Artists (Literary Agency), Original Films (I Know What You Did Last Summer, Urban Legend), FOX, Marilyn Atlas Management, Clifford Werber (A Cinderella Story), Crystal Lake Entertainment (Jason VS Freddy, Friday the 13th), Epigram (Spy Hard, Fools Rush In), John Baldecchi Productions (Simon Birch, The Mexican), Lancaster Gate (Grumpy Old Men), National Lampoon (Animal House, Vacation), Robert Evans Company (The Godfather, How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days), di Bonaventura (Derailed), and many, many more!  Our website is updated regularly and new companies are constantly added, along with their company profiles.  To view a full listing, please visit


We have more than 30 success stories where participants have sold their scripts or show ideas, been signed by agents or managers, been hired for writing assignments or internships, or formed coproducing partnerships.


For every six participants, we invite another production company, agent, or manager - so you can meet with 15-20 companies.  If you don't know anyone in Hollywood to get your screenwriting career going, you will know dozens by the end of this event!  We are a group of writers and producers dedicated to helping others to get their scripts and ideas produced. Your success is also ours, and we are very proud to have helped many of our participants to achieve this.


Your pitchfest pass includes:

  • For every 6 participants, we invite another agent, manager, or production company for you to meet with (Average 15-20 meetings per person). 
  • We publish a booklet with a detailed profile for each company about what they are looking for, stars they have relationships with, what they have done in the past, etc.
  • The companies & agents attending are credible, and actively looking for material.
  • No sign up process.  Meet with exactly who you want to meet with, and have as many meetings as you want.
  • Price includes Pitchfest Pass, All Training Sessions, the Hollywood Hookup Pitch Panel, the Lifetime Achievement Awards, Lunch with Decision Makers AND our Wrap Party.  You may also purchase optional items such as private consultations, and tickets to have a private lunch with an Agent
  • Complimentary, private tours of Universal Studios if you register before April 27th
  • A chance to have your script or concept filmed as a trailer and shopped to the studios


To register, please visit or leave a message at 1-877-255-2528.




Sherwood Oaks Experimental College will be having guests from various production companies to meet with participants after our event, on May 1 & 2 at Universal Studios & Warner Brothers.  You must be pre-registered to attend, as security will not allow you onto the lot otherwise.  Participating companies for May 1st include guests from Pretty Pictures (Donnie Brasco, Homicide:Life on the Street) Sci Fi Channel, Barry Mendel Productions (Sixth Sense, Rushmore) Harbor Lights (White Squall) and others.  Participating companies for May 2nd include both the President and Vice President of Warners Brothers, Maple Shade (3 Kings) Andrew Haas, VP De Line Pictures (Italian Job), Kevin Nicholas VP, Wolper Organization, LA Confidential, Mists of Avalon), Kathy Ebel, VP Good Game (Legacy) J.J Snow, Vp Anthony LaPaglia's company. You must register for each day individually by contacting Gary Shusett directly at 323-896-6257 or [email protected] .  Be sure to tell Gary that you heard about these events from the pitchfest, for a reduced rate of $75 per day.


May 1 - Universal Studios

May 2 - The Smokehouse (Across from Warner Bros Lot)


Only $350 - Limited Tickets Available



Here’s what some of our participants and Industry Decision Makers have to say:


By the end of the day I had a green light for my project. I have successfully completed my documentary which has subsequently been nominated for an Ampia Award.

- Smita Acharrya, Writer /Director


Amazingly orchestrated!  From the panels to the Pitching's ski-lift line precision - I loved it!!!  I was able to pitch to so many companies AND quite a few of them requested my scripts!  A+++++++ on your efforts!

- Rebecca Smith, Screenwriter


I pitched a comedy game show to National Lampoon, and after a couple conversations, I now have a deal memo from them and we are moving ahead

to develop the show. - Magie Matulic, Toronto


"I signed three writers, and am still thinking about others. I have placed all three projects with industry executives who can help make their careers."

- Max Freedman, Agent


"We optioned a project from someone and have now developed it into a co-production."  -- Angela Lee, Letnom Productions, (Montel Williams Company)

"I have never seen a pitchfest with fewer problems, and I did not hear of one complaint. This was a well organized and well run operation." -- William Milano, Writer

I have been to countless similar pitch sessions and none of them come close to comparing to the overall quality and efficiency of your event. I found this to be the feeling of every single person I spoke too while I was in line waiting for my next chance to pitch. I felt like you were there for the writers and not just there to make a quick pile of cash. In fact, the money I paid was nothing in comparison to what I took away from the event. I cannot wait for the next pitchfest you will be hosting. Your pitchfest will always be on the top of my list "must be there" events. - Neo Edmund


I had 11 meetings in four hours, twice what I've experienced at any other pitchfest I've attended.  Best organized pitchfest I've ever attended and I heard the same comment from a number of writers who'd been to quite a few. - Fred Keating


I have been to three pitch fests including yours and yours rates far above in terms of organization, preparation and being relaxed and hassle free. - Paul Martin


It was fantastic. I got in 13 pitches and have sent out seven scripts.  It was unbelievably well organized and professionally done. - Michael Vajgert


Congrats on putting on the most well organized and enjoyable pitch festival I've ever attended. - Curtis Dale, Screenwriter


It's an amazing PitchFest and the best I've ever attended! - Nisso Cohen


Thanks so much for one heck of a day!  I met lots of terrific people and truly, was just blown away by the turnout and the incredible organization.  Unbelievable, so congratulations and thanks to you.   Count on me for anything in the future. - Tim Crescenti, Fox (VP, International Production)


"This pitchfest was by far the best organized, and most beneficial pitch fest I've ever seen. The ratio of companies to participants was very high, the process of pitching was simple and smooth, and lots of participants got their material requested. I strongly recommend this event for anyone with a project ready to market."  -- Michael Hauge, Author of the best seller, "Writing Screenplays That Sell"

"I now have an LA agent that I met as a result of the pitchfest, and industry executives regularly requesting my material." -- Lorene Lacey, Calgary Screenwriter

"The lady from National Lampoon actually took my script on the spot."
-- Frank from Kentucky



"I am happy to report Pyramid Productions secured a deal to produce three pilot episodes of a new series on crime and forensic psychiatry called The Criminal Mind. This from a pitch that began at the PitchFest" -- Larry Day, Pyramid Productions

"We were really impressed and appreciated how very organized and clear your event was.  We do many of these and yours was quite refreshing.  We’ve signed a couple writers from your event, and have hired them for writing assignments." -- Jenz Bergren, Ken Gross Management




Are you a screenwriter?  Is this going to be your year?  Then what are you waiting for…

Be Your Own Protagonist!


Great American PitchFest


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