7th Annual TORONTO DOCUMENTARY FORUM May 3 - 4, 2006


Presentation Slot Deadline: Wednesday February 1, 2021

Observer Seat Deadline: Thursday March 16, 2021

Hot Docs' Toronto Documentary Forum (TDF) is a superb way to showcase a documentary project in front of key international partners, as well as an invaluable event for up-to-the-minute market intelligence for all participants, whether buyer or seller. Unique in North America, the TDF's unusual format provides an excellent snapshot of productions coming into the marketplace, and an opportunity to hear broadcast decision makers discuss their upcoming programming.


It's a two-day, limited-seating event focused around a schedule of 30 pre-selected

international project presentations (by their producers and commissioning editors) and six

Channel Update presentations. The TDF's delegates are an elite group of the world's documentary creators, programmers and distributors. This spring they will include over 100 documentary broadcast and distribution colleagues from Europe, the USA and the rest of the world.


The TDF 2006 features:


* 30 pre-selected project presentation slots including five for projects at a rough-cut stage

with no market partner attached; two Mounties Hat positions drawn by lottery from

business cards of delegates; Channel Update presentations from six leading international

broadcasters which will showcase highlights of their recent specials, limited-series and

one-off non-fiction programming as well as their upcoming programming interests;

* Over 100 key international documentary broadcast programmers and distributors;

* Opportunities for meeting with a roster of international market consultants;

* catered lunches;

* email and messaging system;

* DVD playback equipment;

* lounge and meeting room.

Hot Docs, North America's largest documentary festival and market, presents its 13th

annual edition from April 28 - May 7, 2006 with a spotlight on France. An outstanding

selection of 100+ documentaries from Canada and around the world will be presented.

Hot Docs also mounts a full roster of industry events for its delegates.

For more information, visit our website: www.hotdocs.ca


Or contact:

Angie Driscoll, TDF Coordinator at:

Tel: (1) 416-203-2155, ext 263

Fax: (1) 416-203-0446

E-mail: [email protected]

Mail/Courier: TDF c/o Hot Docs, 110 Spadina Avenue, Suite 333, Toronto, ON, M5V




Hot Docs' Toronto Documentary Forum wishes to thank Presenting Sponsor CTV and

Founding Sponsor Telefilm Canada for their generous support.

Presenting Sponsor: <" target="l">http://www.ctv.ca/>

Founding Sponsor: <" target="l">http://www.telefilm.gc.ca/>

The TDF receives additional support from Canadian Heritage, The

Ontario Media Development Corporation, Foreign Affairs Canada,

Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund, Canadian International Development Agency, The

City of Toronto Economic Development Office, A&E, APTN Library, CTV Archive

Sales, Real Screen Magazine, Turner/CNN, HBO, and WPA Film Library.