On behalf of the WIFTI Board of Directors, it is my pleasure to confirm that the 2006 Short Film Showcase Celebrating International Women's Day was a resounding success! The 2007 edition promises to be even better and larger in scope.  Excellent short film submissions for inclusion from the worldwide membership is the key!   As such, this email is extremely important...

WIFTI will once again collaborate with To The Point: Women Telling Tales Through Media (TTP), the short film program presented by New York Women in Film & Television and the Hamptons International Film Festival.  It is an accomplished and prestigious event in itself and, it will be one of the gateways for participation in the 2007 WIFTI Short Film Showcase.

Please be proactive distributing the information contained herein to your members, boards, etc - call and encourage your best local filmmakers, distributors, film schools, etc, to submit their short films. It's a busy world and many talented filmmakers missed the call for submissions last year...

It is in our joint interest to get the word out to one and all that the CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS HAS BEGUN.  The seven films selected for the Showcase in 2006 were screened in 18 cities in 5 countries, raising the work and profile of the participant filmmakers significantly.  (see www.wifti.org).  Both the TTP series and the Showcase are a wonderful opportunity for filmmakers and clearly, WIFT Chapters are eager to screen the best short films by women worldwide in 2007!

Best regards,    

Paulina B. Abarca 
Chair, Programming - WIFTI

WIFT-Alberta Members

Please see the link under "Call for Entries/Submissions " for an application to the Hamptons International Film Festival