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Spring 2006 Showcase Issue


The Birth of the Showcase Festival
By Paulina Abarca, Montreal

A timeless journey begins with the first step, every life with a first breath. This Short Film Showcase has been a long time in the making. It’s a big busy world! Yet here we are: this is a happening whose time has come.  Like women in the director’s chair.

Directing careers - and transitions within an established career - often begin with a short.  A short film. A film. A challenge, a dream, a breakthrough, a dare, a must, a struggle, pure joy, revelation, a calling.  A calling card!  A calling card for a global network.  At 10,000 members and growing, WIFTI is one of the best.  If growth is exciting yet a little daunting, I believe viewing films together is the purest way to connect.

Film is a director’s medium.  At the LA Summit, here’s what we heard from the top: from episodic television to feature films, women directors are still rare in the big leagues. Few get a satisfying shot at helming pictures, making the vital key creative decisions regarding script, actors and crews. Directing is the final frontier for the female gaze and it matters greatly. Successions of careers depend on it. As do the lives behind the stories left untold.

Some of best and brightest working directors also told us that after years of getting nowhere fast, they ultimately achieved success and unprecedented opportunities through unity: by banding together and challenging the union, by fiercely encouraging one another’s projects and of course, by producing outstanding work.  This network of generous intelligence fuelled friendships and courage, creating tangible results.

I joined the WIFTI board after serving four fascinating and highly challenging years as VP, Programming at my home chapter.  My unfulfilled dream was producing screenings of films by women, so it was the first item I proposed to the top-notch ladies around the table at the Atlanta Mini-Summit. I will never forget their brilliance, how quickly we tailored the concept and eagerly set wheels in motion.

Similarly, the WIFTI chapters responded quickly to the notion of hosting a combined event anchored by a selection of outstanding international shorts by and about modern women, while allowing freedom to showcase local content. Mounting the Showcase has forged a vibrant connection among participants, giving one and all a richer identity and an exhilarating taste of the unlimited potential of our network.

The seven short films chosen by the WIFTI Board of Directors were made by directors at different stages of their careers. Each has a unique strength, each displays inspired craftsmanship. As a grouping, the films are a highly original sampling of female creativity unbound. We are proud to introduce you to these talented and enterprising filmmakers and we are most grateful to each for embarking on this first edition.

On March 8th (March 22) in NYC), as screens light up across eighteen cities in five countries within the WIFTI network, we’ll sit back in style to pay tribute to our craft, listen to our narratives and travel the world fantastic. We’ll also be making history!

As we should, on International Women’s Day! May the Showcase inspire you, entertain you, and challenge you.
“By doing, by doing, it is done.”
Paulina B. Abarca, Chair, Programming WIFTI, FCTNM  - Montr�al

The History of International Women’s Day
Article sourced from the United Nations & adapted

International Women's Day (March 8) is an occasion when women on all continents, often divided by national boundaries and by ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic and political differences, come together to celebrate their Day. It is a time when women can look back to a tradition that represents years of struggle for equality, justice, peace and development.  This date is also commemorated at the United Nations and is designated in many countries as a national holiday.  While International Women's Day is the story of ordinary women as makers of history, it is rooted in the centuries-old struggle of women to participate in society on an equal footing with men. The idea of an International Women's Day first arose at the turn of the Twentieth Century, which in the industrialized world was a period of expansion and turbulence, booming population growth and radical ideologies.  Women’s suffrage and calls for peace were the initial reasons behind the declarations of International Women’s Day.
Since those early years, International Women's Day has assumed a new global dimension for women in developed and developing countries alike. The growing international women's movement has been strengthened by four global United Nations women's conferences.   Women’s Day is now a rallying point for coordinated efforts to demand women's rights and participation in the political and economic process. Today a central organizing principle of the work of the United Nations is that no enduring solution to society's most threatening social, economic and political problems can be found without the full participation, and the full empowerment, of the world's women.  Increasingly, International Women's Day is a time to reflect on progress made, to call for change and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the world’s history!

Launch of Short Film Showcase 2006 Around the Globe

WIFTI is proud to announce the simultaneous launch of its first annual WIFTI Short Film Showcase on Wednesday, March 8 - International Women’s Day 2006 - across eighteen screens in five countries within its network of member Chapters. For one night only - from Los Angeles, USA to Auckland, New Zealand - WIFTI Chapters worldwide will present an outstanding collection of short films by some of today’s best female filmmakers.

The 2006 Showcase is comprised of seven award-winning short films, selected by WIFTI’s international Board of Directors, from finalist shorts from Australia’s WOW International Film Festival and the NYWIFT/Hamptons International Festival’s To The Point: Women Telling Tales Through Media event.

“International Women’s Day commemorates acts of courage and determination by ordinary women. What better way for WIFTI members and the public to celebrate than with a screening of original, accomplished international short films by and about modern women” said Paulina B. Abarca, Showcase Producer and WIFTI’s Chair of Programming.

Together, the seven short films have garnered over fifty international awards including a 2005 Academy Award, a Jury Award for International Filmmaking: Sundance International Film Festival and the Grand Prix The Golden Dragon at the International Short Film Festival, Poland for Andrea Arnold’s WASP; a Best Foreign Film Award at the 2005 Cr�teil International Film Festival, for Vicki Sugars’  MOUSTACHE; and an IFP Audience Choice Award: Columbia University Film Festival for Joyce Draganosky’s THE SCIENCE OF LOVE.

“Couple these films with the ingenuity of our chapters to present highly stimulating events, and you have the makings of a truly fabulous evening,” comments Abarca from Montreal.

WIFTI Chapters Participating in the Showcase and Screening Location:

Women in Film & Television, Alberta, Canada
Calgary & Edmonton
Women in Film, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Women in Film & Television NSW, Australia
Sydney: Theatrette, Parliament House, Macquarie St.
Guest of Honour: Dr. Meredith Burgmann MLC T: 61(2) 9230.2301
Bay Area Women in Film & Television, San Francisco, California, USA
San Francisco: Variety Club Screening Room, Hobart Building, 582
Market Street
Women in Film, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Women in Film, Dallas, Texas, USA
Dallas: The Studio Movie Grill in Addision, 5405 Beltline Rd. Guest Speaker: Elizabeth Glass -
T: 972-992-6684
Women in Film & Video, Washington, DC, USA
Washington, DC: Gala Hispanic Theatre-Tivoli, 3333 14th Street, NW. www.dciff.org
Women in Film & Television, Houston, Texas, USA
Women in Film & Television, Kingston, Jamaica
Women in Film, Los Angeles, California, USA
Los Angeles: The Little Kodak Theatre, 6700 Santa Monica Blvd.  T: 310-657-5144.
Femmes de cin�ma de la t�l�vision et des nouveaux m�dias - Montreal, Canada
Montreal: Astral M�dia Screening Room: 2100 Ste-Catherine W. 2nd Floor. T: 514.482.9496
Women in Film & Video, New England, USA
Brookline, Massachusetts: Coolidge Corner Theatre.
T: 781.788.6607
Women in Film, New Mexico, USA
Santa Fe: The Film Center, St.Michael’s Village West
- Special Guest: Shirley Maclaine - www.nmwif.com 
New York Women in Film, New York City, New
York, USA*
New York City:  HBO Theatre, 1100 Avenue of the Americas T: 212/679-0870 /[email protected] 
*NYWIFT will present the Showcase on March 22.
Women in Film & Television, Auckland, New Zealand
Auckland: Rialto Cinemas Broadway, Newmarket
T: 378 7271 or [email protected] 
Women in Film & Television, Toronto, Canada
Toronto: NFB Mediatheque, 150 John St. (at Richmond). T: 416-322.3430
Women in Film & Video, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Selected WIFTI Short Films Showcase 2006

The first WIFTI International Short Film Showcase is a 91-minute long package of short films directed by women from around the world. The WIFTI Showcase screenings will take place in 18 cities in five countries worldwide on International Women’s Day.  This initiative is made possible through the invaluable collaboration and assistance of NYWIFT, The Hamptons International Film Festival: TO THE POINT: Women Telling Stories through Media and the WOW International Film Festival in Australia. Each WIFTI Chapter may also add outstanding regional films of their choosing.

Director: Eva Saks - USA

Film Synopsis: KYLIE GOLDSTEIN, ALL AMERICAN is the story of Kylie, a little girl adopted from China who is now an American Goldstein.        

Director bio: Eva Saks has written/directed for SESAME STREET, Nickelodeon, Time Warner Cable, UPN and the Independent Film Channel (currently airing her CONFECTION and COLORFORMS).  Her FAMILY VALUES (available on Netflix) won a Student Academy Award, screening at Sundance, Telluride and Tribeca. She has a law degree from Yale and an MFA in Filmmaking from NYU (2005).  She is developing "family-friendly" film and television projects.  

MOUSTACHE / 13 minutes
Director: Vicki Sugars - AUSTRALIA

Film Synopsis: Sometimes, it doesn’t pay to change your true self for the person you love.

Director bio - Vicki Sugars has worked as an assistant director for a number of years.  In 2004, she
was the associate producer on the feature film LOOK BOTH WAYS.  MOUSTACHE is her first film as a director and writer. She is currently producing a 5 minute claymation on plastic surgery and in pre-production on her second film PAST MIDNIGHT, a half hour drama on psychological violence. She
has a feature film in development, about a writer struggling to write her first feature. Vicki has yet to
decide if it's comedy or tragedy!
Best Foreign Film: Cr�teil International Film Festival, France 2005;Audience Award Winner, Palm Springs International Film Festival, USA 2005
Best Film Audience Award, Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival, Brazil 2005; Official Selection Venice Film Festival, 2004

WASP / 23 minutes
Director: Andrea Arnold - United Kingdom

Film Synopsis: When 23 year old single mum Zoe gets asked out on a date, she lies about having four kids and leaves them outside the pub.

Director bio - Andrea Arnold is currently editing her feature RED ROAD for project ADVANCE PARTY produced by Zentropa (Denmark) and Sigma (UK) and originated by Lars Von Trier. Advance Party involves three filmmakers writing a separate feature film using the same nine characters. RED ROAD was developed at the Sundance Screenwriters’ Lab in 2005 and is due for release in 2006. Arnold has made 3 shorts to date: WASP, winner of 37 International Festival Awards including the Academy Award 2005; DOG, winner of The Jameson Award and screened at Cannes Critics week in 2002 and MILK, selected for competition in Cannes 1998.
Academy Award Winner Live Action Short (Oscar)
Jury Award for International Filmmaking:
Sundance International Film Festival;
Grand Prix The Golden Dragon:
44th International Short Film Festival, Cracow, Poland;  Best Live Action Fiction Film  Worldwide Short Film Festival, Toronto, Canada; Best of the Festival:
 Palm Springs International Short Film Festival, USA
 Best Short Film: - Stockholm International Film Festival, Sweden  

HAND SUM / 8min, 3 secs
Director: Eva Colmers  - Canada

Film Synopsis: - Miro moves through life without much conviction until a magical incident prompts an escape from the routine of her daily life.  Miro climbs onto a cloud, listens to the birds and has an adventure.  Shot as stunning shadow projection and rich in images, HAND SUM is driven by a compelling rhythm.  Miro is the allegorical “everyone”, searching for the meaning of life.  
Director bio - Many years ago, Eva Colmers travelled to the islands of Java and Bali and fell in love with shadow theatre. In Hand Sum, she tries to incorporate some of the wayang kulit elements into her screenwork. Eva has created a variety of film work which includes short films, film scripts, a documentary with the National Film Board of Canada and a PSA.  Her work has been seen at national and international festivals as well as on television.  Eva is also very active in her film and theatre community.  She loves photography and likes to travel.   

ON THE CLIFFS / 15 minutes
Director: Lisa M. Perry - USA
Film Synopsis: Best friends Penelope and Dora are the producers and stars of a local cable access show devoted to staging classics such as Macbeth and Moby Dick, only the productions are based on the Cliff's Notes version of the novels rather than the classics themselves. Problems rise to the surface when Penelope and Dora attempt their interpretation of George Orwell's Animal Farm. This documentary-style short follows the friends as they deconstruct the plot--and each other.
Director bio: After graduating with honors in directing and acting from Skidmore College,
Perry moved to NYC where she began producing plays. In 2001 she moved to Toronto to work on A&E’s NERO WOLF. Upon returning to New York she began work on several independent films, including IFC’s IN THE COMPANY OF WOMEN. In 2004, Lisa co-founded Sloane Road Productions with fellow NYWIFT member Jessie Hutcheson.
Winner Best Short Comedy - Ohio Independent Film Festival 2004
USA Film Festival Finalist 2005
Best of CineWomen 2005
M�NAGE � TROIS / 15 min
Director: Kimberly M. Wetherell - USA

Film Synopsis: The story of a boy… a girl… and her cell phone.

Director bio: M�nage � Trois marks Kimberly M. Wetherell's cinematic debut after ten years in the operatic community as a stage director. She started her film career as an intern with New York Women in Film & Television and is in pre-production two years later on her upcoming feature film, A PRETTY GIRL (A Sheyne Meydl)
Best Short Film:
Red Bank International Film  Festival, New Jersey 2005
Filmmakers' Favorite:
DC ShortsFest, 2005
Best Actress (M. Raymond) & Best Actor (A. Rein):
Chicks with Flicks International Film Festival, NYC 2005
Director/Writer: Joyce Draganosky - USA

Film Synopsis: Sydney, a buttoned up, brainy, beautiful professor, clashes with Ileana, her seasoned, sexy, seductive boss over research that claims brains scans can measure true love. Zany, brainy and crazy, THE SCIENCE OF LOVE will leave you wondering if the mind has a heart of its own.
Director bio - Joyce’s films have played in competition in some of the world’s top film festivals. She is an Emmy-Award winning writer/director who freelances for TV and other productions when not making films. She holds an MFA with honors from Columbia University’s Film School. At Columbia’s 2004 Film Festival, her film EXTREME MOM won Best Film, The National Board of Review Award, Lifetime Network’s Outstanding Filmmaker Award, Best Actress and Audience Choice Awards. It also won the Triumph Award at the International Angelus Competition and the Grand Prize at The Director’s View Festival 2005 in Manhattan. Joyce’s film JARED played international film festivals and won the Grand Jury Prize in Madrid. She is currently in development on her first feature film which she wrote and plans to direct.
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Grant Award for Short Film Production
IFP Audience Choice Award - Columbia University Film Festival 2005
Official Selection - The Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films 2005
Official Selection - The Seagate Foyle Film Festival 2005

WIFV Dallas
The WIFTI Short Film Showcase Celebrating International Women’s Day 2006
WHEN:  Kick-off on Wednesday March 8, 2021
WHERE:  The Studio Movie Grill, 5405 Beltline Road in Dallas.
6:30 PM Cocktails
7:30 PM  Screening with guest speaker, Elizabeth Glass, General Manager/Sr.VP Programming, HDNet
9 PM:  Movies
WIF.Dallas will be screening films every Wednesday in March. Films include the "WIFTI Short Film Showcase", "Boys Don’t Cry" (shot in the area), "The Sisters", and Texas shorts by women. The series is being sponsored locally by The Studio Movie Grill and Film Frog Productions.
Our program chairs, Tracy McKissick and Jana Perez, have been working tirelessly to organize this event along with help from
Brandon Jones at the Studio Movie Grill and Joan Murphy-
Rosenzweig, WIFTI Liaison. The Dallas Chapter President, Cynthia Salzman Mondell, will open the evening on March 8th. As with all our events, our hopes are that this event will raise our visibility in the community, increase our membership, and be another opportunity to network, have fun, and see some great films.

New Mexico Women in Film

Special Guest Shirley Maclaine at
New Mexico International Women’s Celebration

The newest chapter of WIF is celebrating
International Women's Day in a spectacular fashion!

New Mexico Women in Film Awards
March 8, 2021
6:30 PM The Film Center, Santa Fe New Mexico.
Reception at The Green Canteen
The Film Center is associated with the Santa Fe Film Festival.

NMWIF has just completed the statewide competition for two additional shorts to add to WIFTI's Showcase.  The winners are not only from New Mexico, but the content of their films are very representative of the southwest.

New Mexico Showcase 2006 Filmmakers:
Kate Brown is a potter turned animator.
Angelique Midthunder is a young animal rights activist turned filmmaker.
Nanobah Becker is a Native American, from the Navajo Nation, social activist turned filmmaker.
All their work is exciting and very different!

“Our night will start out at the Film Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico with a special guest and New Mexico resident, renowned actress Shirley Maclaine. She will introduce our winners then the films will begin. After the showing, we are being hosted by The Green Canteen, a new organic wine bar and eatery. This restaurant is attached to the theater and we are all very excited by its grand opening coinciding with our event. This also launches an association between the Santa Fe Film Festival and New Mexico Women in Film. The Community College of Santa Fe will provide a film crew to document the event; this will be part of their training sessions. Since we are the newest chapter of WIF, we are very proud of all the women who have stepped up to the plate to make this night a stellar debut for NMWIF.”

Janet Davidson/President, Cynthia Straus/board member, Nancy Nielsen/member,
Sheri Mann/board member

WIFVV -  Women in Film and Video Vancouver

The Women in Film Festival, BC (British Columbia) in association with the WIFTI Short Film Showcase presents International & Home Grown BC films in celebration of Int’l Woman's Day, March 8.   Two Screenings: 7:00PM & 9:00PM
Associated event - The Women in Film Festival, BC5.  Selected short films by BC’s women film makers will be showcased along side award winning international films by WIFTI women.  These hand picked shorts will showcase the talent of our female directors,
producers, actors & writers.  One lucky BC woman will win the coveted ‘Outstanding Woman in her Field Award’ to be presented at the annual Spotlight Awards Gala in Vancouver. Other awards include a distribution deal presented by Ciniclix, and
a screenwriter’s award presented by The Cold Reading Series.   

New York WIFT

Celebrating International Women’s Day, March 22, 2021
Program produced by Paula Heredia (WIFTI board) and Kate Lewin
Where: The HBO Theater, NYC  
What: Reception & Screenings -  
An hour and a half screening of films from around the world and from around the U.S, followed by coffee and dessert in the HBO reception area overlooking Times Square. NYWIFT expects about 60-100 members to attend.

WIF Los Angeles  
When: March 8, 6:30 PM - Film Program will begin at 7:30PM.
Where: Little Kodak Theatre, 6700 Santa Monica Blvd. (courtesy of Kodak) Hollywood, CA 90038 Program produced by June Shelley and Madeleine Schnell, Chairs, International Committee of WIF LA, Chapter President:  Cici Holloway
Carol Savoie, WIFTI rep:
“We hope to make this a good networking event for our members as well as a chance to see interesting short films from around the world. Many of our members had no knowledge of International Women's Day and by holding this event, we hope to increase awareness.”

WIFT NSW, Sydney, NSW, Australia
EVENT: International Short Film Showcase
WHEN: Wednesday, 8 March, 2006 6.30 -8:30PM (screening starts 7PM)
Organized by Yvette Andrews, Lindy Monson. WIFTI BOD representative and WIFT NSW President 2005 Liz Stevens.
The Women in Film and Television International Short Film Showcase celebrates the achievements of women filmmakers on International Women’s Day 2006 at Parliament House in Sydney, Australia.  Guest of Honour is Dr Meredith Burgmann MLC, President of the Legislative Council of New South Wales. Women in Film and Television NSW invite members, the industry and the public to join them for drinks and a lively program of women’s films.

WIFV Alberta, Canada

International Film Showcase in Celebration of International Women’s Day
Wednesday March 8, 2021 7:30PM in TWO MAJOR CITIES:   Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta!
Gail M. Yakemchuk - President
Eva Colmers - Canadian Filmmaker

WIFT Toronto

WIFTI International Short Film Showcase
March 8, 2021 7:00PM
Screening will take place in partnership with the National Film Board of Canada
WIFTI Liaison:  Lisa Clarkson; Chapter President:  Kate Hanley; Screening WIFT-T coordinator:  Sue Sheridan, Acting Managing Director WIFT - T
“We are pleased to have the National Film Board of Canada as our partner and co-presenting sponsor of the evening. The audience will be welcomed by one of our WIFT-T staff followed by a short presentation by each of our speakers and then the screening.  Following the screening, we will hold a reception with a number of different prizes being given out at that time.  The prizes have generously been donated by Warner Bros.,

WIFV Washington DC

WIFV Washington DC, 8th Annual DC Independent Film Festival, Amnesty International
Proudly present:  A Day of Women’s Films & WIFTI Short Film Showcase

March 8, 2021
Gala Hispanic Theatre - Tivoli * 3333 14th Street, NW Washington, DC

DCIFF Noon/Screening & Panel:  Ordinary Lives (doc) & Shape of Water (doc)

Amnesty International:  
5:30PM Reception  6:30PM Screening
Stories from Afghanistan (doc); A Woman's Face (doc); Dual Injustice, Witness (doc); God Sleeps in Rwanda (doc) (*Oscar nominated 2006)

*WIFV & DCIFF  - 7:30PM Reception 8:30 PM Screening

(Whole Foods, Asia Nora, Embassy of Australia, Washington, DC)

Moving Forward (doc); USA/Colombia (DCIFF;)
Moustache (Australia); Kylie Goldstein, All American
(USA); Wasp ( UK); Hand Sum ( Canada);
Carrie's Choice; USA (DCIFF)
Chaired by Talaya Grimes, WIFV/WIFTI & Carol Bidault

Welcome to Hollywood!  Images from the 2005 WIFTI Summit
The return of the WIFTI Summit to Los Angeles last year provided women from as far as Afghanistan, New Zealand, England, Australia, Russia, Korea, Jamaica and Canada with many opportunitis to be inspired by the stars.              
Women in Film Los Angeles hosted the 2005 Women In Film and Television International (WIFTI) Summit from Saturday, October 29 through Tuesday, November 1, 2021 at the beautiful Park Hyatt hotel on Avenue of the Stars in Century City.  The Summit provided the perfect forum to network, greet old friends and forge new relationships with four exciting days of panels, lunches, cocktail parties, screenings and special events. The many panels ranged from successful writers & directors who have made it in Hollywood, to top agents, managers and executives from studios and production houses.  Attendees were able to learn about diverse subjects such as Distribution, Pitching like a Pro, Film Finance, Directing, Costume Design, Producing News Shows, Co-Productions, Visual Effects,  Low Budget Filmmaking, Navigating the Agent System, Film Festivals, Post Production,  Films with a Social Conscience, Tax Incentives for Film/TV, Money Support & Sponsorship.
The highlight had to be the closing night party featuring the WIFTI Women of Achievement Award presented to the female cast of EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND. The Awards were designed by Danish jeweler Georg Jensen.
Another highlight of the Summit was an intimate question and answer featuring the extraordinary actress Geena Davis. Thank you, “Madam President”.
The WIFTI Summit sent everyone home to their corners of the globe with new inspiration and determination.     

 The WIFTI Devorah Foundation Awards First Grant

The WIFTI Devorah Foundation announced its first award recipient of the $1500 grant at the October 2005 WIFTI Summit in Los Angeles - the new WIF chapter in Poland received this first award.  Founded by former WIFTI Chair and TV/Film Producer Ina Fichman, the WIFTI Devorah Foundation is a tribute to her late Grandmother Deborah Tietolman, who generously supported those in need with grace, dignity and compassion.

This grant will be awarded on an annual basis to support special projects, training, professional development and/or mentorship opportunities for emerging women filmmakers and/or emerging WIFTI film/TV communities around the world.  The 2005 awards committee included NYWIFT President, Carey Craeber; WIFV Washington DC President, Doreen Blunt; WIFTI Board member Joan Beveridge from WIFT-UK; and founder, Ina Fichman.  WIFTI Devorah Foundation grants can be used for individual professional development opportunities (including, but not limited to travel grants to attend festivals or workshops, mentorship opportunities, skills
development, marketing expenses for films/videos from first-time filmmakers); for special projects to assist a group of women in an emerging film community (including, but not limited to training
programs, special screenings); or for new/emerging Women in Film and Television chapters to assist in the launch and formation of their Group (in this case, priority will be given to chapters outside of North America, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand).  A fitting tribute to a worthy woman, The WIFTI Devorah Foundation helps other worthy women achieve their goals and dreams in our Industry.

Crystal Awards Nominations

For seventeen years, WIFT-T has honored the extraordinary achievements of women in screen-based media with its annual Crystal Awards celebration. Since the inception of these coveted awards in 1988, over 70 of Canada's most accomplished women and men working in film, television and new media have been honored.  These outstanding professionals, through their achievements, have played a key role in advancing female talent and encouraging young women to see greater possibilities for their own futures.  WIFT-T is now accepting nominations for our 2006 Awards; please contact Sue Sheridan at [email protected] or 416-322-3430 ext. 23.

Film Submissions Sought

Women in Film and Video of Washington, DC (WIFV) will host the fifth annual "Kids World Film Festival" (KWFF) on Thursday, April 27.  The goal of KWFF is to give young people in our community the opportunity to learn critical viewing skills, and to understand the power of film as a medium for creating positive social change.

We are currently accepting submissions from domestic and international filmmakers.  Films must be approximately 3 to 30 minutes in length and portray children from different cultures in a positive light. Films should touch upon issues of peace, tolerance, unity and understanding among all people in an entertaining and educational
way.  The deadline for submission is March 15th.  Four to six films will be selected.

For more information and to submit a film, please contact Elizabeth Ventura, WIFV Board, at [email protected]

About Our Organization …

Women In Film and Television International (WIFTI) is a global network comprised of more than 37 Women In Film chapters worldwide and over 10,000 members dedicated to advancing professional development and achievement for women working in all areas of film, video, and other screen-based media.

Women In Film and Television International (WIFTI) est un r�seau international constitu� de 37 sections de femmes professionnelles � travers le monde comprenant 10 000 membres engag�s � encourager et soutenir le d�veloppement professionnel et valoriser l’avancement
des femmes oeuvrant dans tous les secteurs de l’industrie du cin�ma,
de la t�l�vision et des nouveaux m�dias.

Women in Film and Television International (WIFTI) es una red internacional de alcance mundial constituida por m�s de 37 cap�tulos de Mujeres en el Cine, y m�s de 10.000 miembros dedicados a promover el desarrollo profesional y los logros de mujeres que trabajan en todas las �reas de cine, video y otros medios de difusi�n dirijidos a la pantalla.

A Message from the WIFTI Chair

Kia ora, and welcome to the first WIFTI Newsletter of 2006.  Before we look forward, it somehow seems appropriate to look back and congratulate ourselves on the year that was.  

Most recently, WIF LA hosted the 2005 WIFT International Summit where we honored the Women of EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND with WIFTI Achievement Awards.  It was also the first time for the presentation of The WIFTI Devorah Foundation Grant which went to WIFT Poland. Congratulations to everyone involved and, in particular, to Carol Savoie, whose vision for the event lead the team throughout.  Thank you to all the LA Summit’s sponsors, especially General Motors Corporation, the Summit’s major sponsor, and Georg Jensen, who donated the amazing jewellery given to our Honorees.  Thank you also to Ina Fichman, whose generosity has given us The WIFTI Devorah Foundation.

Last year’s WIFTI honourees also included Cristina Saralegui, Host and Executive Producer of Univision’s THE CRISTINA SHOW, who was presented with the WIFTI Humanitarian Award at a WIFTI Fundraising Gala hosted by WIFV Washington, DC.  The event was well attended and the money raised for WIFTI will be used for a new WIFTI Grant in Cristina’s honour.  Thank you to Doreen Blunt and everyone involved in this event.  Other regular WIFTI-partnered events are held at the Cannes International Film Festival (hosted by WFTV UK) and the BANFF International Television Festival (hosted by WIFT Alberta).  WIFTI also supports the Kids World Film Festival (hosted by WIFV Washington, DC) and last year supported the inaugural meeting of WIFT Europe.  The formation of WIFT Europe is an exciting initiative spearheaded by WIFT Denmark and now involving most of the European WIFT Chapters.  WIFTI is looking forward to developing a mutually beneficial working relationship with WIFT Europe.

Another regional initiative strongly supported by WIFTI is a corporate alliance negotiated by WIF/LA and the WIF Foundation LA with General Motors Corporation (GM).  This initiative is designed “to promote interaction and cohesion among all U.S. national chapters of Women in Film (WIF), and to underwrite a number of programs that will benefit women in film and television”.  And, while this initiative is currently only available to U.S. chapters, WIFTI as a whole has benefited through WIF/GM’s sponsorship of the LA Summit, and the infrastructure funding they are providing directly to WIFTI.  Once again, thank you to all those involved, and in particular to Judith James and General Motors Corporation.

And, now let us turn to 2006 and the fabulous WIFT International Short Film Showcase made possible through collaboration with The Hamptons International Film Festival’s To The Point: Women Telling Stories through Media and the WOW International Film Festival in Australia. This initiative has been produced by Paulina B. Abarca with the support of NYWIFT, WIFT NSW, WIFTNM Montreal/FCTNM and the WIFTI Programming Committee. The WIFT International Short Film Showcase is a wonderful celebration of women’s film making talent and appropriate for International Women’s Day.   WIFTI is hoping to make this an annual celebration and “thank you” to the chapters who are taking part in our inaugural event.  And an enormous “thank you” to Paulina for her vision and commitment to this project.  Paulina has recently given birth to her second son and epitomizes the dynamic women of this organization … she has never missed a beat throughout and the success of this initiative is thanks, in no small part, to her leadership, visio
n, and drive.

Obviously, there are many more people and sponsors involved with WIFTI Partnered Events than I’ve had a chance to mention here.  Our thanks to every single one of you and I strongly encourage WIFTI members to support the products and services of our sponsors.

Noho ora mai,
Fiona Milburn, New Zealand



CHITIZPATHAK, Barristers and Solicitors, Media and Entertainment

COMEDIA, Just for Laughs, Montreal, July 2006




Gayle Economos (Chair)
Joan Beveridge
Talaya Grimes
Justine Jacob


Eileen Hoeter (Chair)
Lone K�hlmann
Judith Link Ruth
Jennifer Pennypacker
Natalie Wallace
Gail Yakemchuk


Joan Rosenzweig (Chair)
Liz Stevens
Maxine Walters
Sara Zommorodi


Paulina B. Abarca (Chair)
Marisa Arbona-Ruiz
Paula Heredia
Natalie Thompson

Strategic Planning

Joan Beveridge
Lisa Clarkson
Fiona Milburn

WIFTI Foundation

Ina Fichman
Doreen Blunt

Newsletter Committee
Talaya Grimes,
Lay-out & Production:
Ilda & Tim Diffley,
Gayle Economos,


Women in Film and Television International

Board Officers

WIFTI Chair: Fiona Milburn (New Zealand)
WIFTI Treasurer: Carol Savoie (Los Angeles, USA)
WIFTI Secretary:
Sherry Richardson
(Atlanta, USA)
WIFTI Business Affairs:
Lisa Clarkson
Toronto, Canada)

Board Members

Paulina B. Abarca,
Chair of Programming (Montreal, Canada)  
Joan Beveridge,
Strategic Planning
(United Kingdom)  
Gayle Economos,
Chair of Communications (Maryland, USA)  
Talaya Grimes, Communications
(Washington DC, USA)  
Paula Heredia, Programming (New York, USA)  
Eileen Hoeter,
Chair of Fundraising (Vancouver, Canada)  
Justine Jacob, Communications
(San Francisco, USA)  
Lone K�hlmann, Fundraising (Denmark)  
Judith Link Ruth, Fundraising (Las Vegas, USA)  
Jennifer Pennypacker, Fundraising (Florida, USA)  
Joan Rosenzweig ,
Chair of Membership
(Dallas, USA)  
Liz Stevens, Membership (Australia)
Natalie Wallace, Fundraising (Seattle, USA)  
Maxine Walters, Membership (Jamaica)  
Gail Yakemchuk, Fundraising (Alberta, Canada)
Sara Zommorodi, Membership (Sweden)  

Honorary Board Members

Ina Fichman
(Montreal, Canada)  
Mike Peters (New York, USA)  
Natalie Thompson (Jamaica)  

WIFTI Office

Dorothy, WIFTI Administrator