Screenwriting Workshop with Lewaa Nasserdeen
A fun, interactive and informative two-day workshop. Individuals will learn the basics of screenwriting and how to structure a screenplay with engaging plots and diverse characters.
Lewaa Nasserdeen leads the workshop on the 25th and 26th of August
$80/member, $95/non-member
Register your interest. Call the FAVA office at 429-1671.

Day One will focus on the basic structure as well as, the format of a screenplay. Additionally, I will teach the importance of strong material and the unlikely places students can find it. Upon the end of class, examples of screenplays will be distributed to display the differences between the look of a screenplay and that of a short story or play and the importance of the screenplay�s appearance.

Day Two will go more into characters and the importance of creating strong plots, visual environments and effective dialogue. Students will learn central tricks of the trade which will focus on how to avoid beginner�s traps that most new screenwriters may  fall into.

What should one expect to learn by taking this two-day workshop?
Subject � How and where to find strong material.
Character � How to create multi-dimensional characters.
The Format � How to structure screenplays (first ten pages, inciting incidents, plot points).
Style � How a screenplay should look (font, title page, headings)
How to start and end a screenplay � How to engage your audience from start to end.