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Tiffany Cowan



Tiffany Cowan is an industry award-winning freelance coordinator. After graduating from NAIT’s Radio and Television Program in 2011, she started her career in the Production Office and has worked on film and television projects in Edmonton and area ever since. Her production credits include feature films (Cutbank, They Who Surround Us), episodic television (Blackstone, Tiny Plastic Men) and reality and documentary works (Mom’s A Medium, Re-ken-si-le-a-shen). Tiffany currently serves on the board of directors for WIFT Alberta (Women in Film and Television – Alberta) and is a guest instructor at GIFT (Girls in Film and Television) sharing her knowledge with the future of young women in the screen industry. As a driven and hard-working mother of two young children, Tiffany is learning to find balance between the two very demanding roles. She believes that supporting other women will, in turn, make the struggle between a fulfilling career and raising a family a little easier for everyone.


  • Production Manager - Intermediate
  • Accounting - Beginner

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