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Posted on: Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

Rosie Award Nominees Update



Yesterday AMPIA announced the Alberta Film and Television Rosie Awards nominees. I would like to congratulate WIFTA Board members Jesse Szymanski and Laura Vinson for their nominations.

Jesse was nominated for Best Dramatic Series for Blackstone for Prairie Dog Film + Television. She was also nominated for Best Production Reflecting Cultural Diversity for Blackstone’s “Sext Me” for Prairie Dog Film + Television.

Laura Vinson & Dave Martineau were nominated for Ancestors Calling,for the best original musical score non-fiction over 30 minutes, for a Peoples & Peaks Productions documentary. This will also be airing on Wild TV in in the next few weeks.

We are very proud of our WIFTA colleagues’ great accomplishments.

Posted on: Sunday, April 12th, 2015

11 Female Film Pioneers

Women in Film


Check out 11 Female Film Pioneers Who Paved the Road to Hollywood

San Diego State University’s Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film gave us some disturbing news after the New Year: Gender diversity in media has actually been getting worse.

The report concluded that the number of women represented in 2013 was lower than it had been in 1998, meaning “there’s been no discernible progress in increasing the numbers of women working in film over the past 16 years.”


Check out this link for the full article on
11 Female Film Pioneers Who Paved the Road to Hollywood


Posted on: Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

6pm screening of Edmonton sitcom Seven Day Weekend

Cameron And Doyle

G’day Patricia and the WIFTA team.

Local filmmakers Cameron And Doyle invite you and your guests to share some laughs with us at the 6pm screening of Edmonton sitcom Seven Day Weekend. Wednesday April 8th, at FAVA (9722 102nd St.). The 6pm invitational screening is for industry insiders, and so we hope to see you there.

In addition to the invitational screening, there is a 7pm public screening. Attached is a publicly-distributable promotional graphic.

If you would like us to supply further images, or if you would like to arrange a meeting with us, we can be contacted at

Take Care!

Information About Seven Day Weekend

Seven Day Weekend centres on odd-couple-roommates with an Alberta twist. Hudson is a charming, successful oil-and-gas worker, and Art is a befuddled white-collar entrepreneur. So while one works twenty one-and-seven shift up North and the other never seems to work, they’re both living on a Seven Day Weekend.

Along with their happy-go-lucky neighbour Sophie, fiery local business owner Tanya and audience favourite Liquor Buddy, Art and Hudson navigate the ups and downs of the Albertan economy. Along the way, they might just teach us all a little something about working together despite our differences.

Justin Brunelle as Art
Chris Nadeau as Hudson
Cassy Johnston as Sophie
Kristin Ashmore as Tanya
and Joey Flett as Liquor Buddy

Content Note: Seven Day Weekend is not vulgar comedy, and it does not make jokes that target marginalized groups of persons.

Seven Day Weekend is supported by the Edmonton Arts Council and the City of Edmonton.

Follow the progress of
Seven Day Weekend
on Facebook and Twitter.