Posted on: Tuesday, May 31st, 2011


AND VIP ENTRANCE TO MARTINI MADNESS (Tuesday, June 14 at Saltlik Banff)

If you could pitch ANYTHING at the Banff World Media Festival and have WIFTA provide a pass to get in free for a full day, what would you do? Tell us, and the world, and you may be selected to receive a day pass and VIP guest entrance to Martini Madness.

The day pass goes to the WIFTA member who generates the most measurable on-line conversations and chat about a project they would like to take to Banff.

The contest is simple:
1. Post your idea in a short tweet format (140 characters) in the comment box of this post.
2. Give your project a one word name in BOLD UPPERCASE ITALIKS
3. Call, Tweet, Email your friends to tell us they like your project using your project name.

The project with the most comments on our web site by June 6, 2011… WINS!

Projects must be female focused or led, and guys who are members of WIFTA with a project about women can apply too.

A maximum of two entries per entrant is allowed. Entries will be accepted until June 6. Winner will be notified on June 8. To be eligible to participate in this contest, entrants must be a current member of WIFT- Alberta or qualify for the current WIFT- Alberta pre-Banff promotion of membership at an unbelievable special pre-Banff rate of $5.00. You can become a member by simply signing up on our website.

8 Responses to “Contest!”

  1. DESI: An Indo-Canadian version of 90210 combined with some Sisterhood of Travelling Pants and you’ve got a number one show that will knock its audiences socks off!

  2. “I love the project DESI. DESI must win the pass to go to the Banff World Media Festival.”

  3. “I love the project DESI. DESI must win the pass to go to the Banff World Media Festival.”

  4. When I walked into one of my favourite coffee shops last fall I was amused to find the guy who ran the place hurrying around, hard at work in a pair of 3-inch heels – rather nice black leather pumps, I might add. He said he was “in training” for the awareness and fundraising “Walk A Mile In Her Shoes®” Event.

    This year marks the 10th Anniversary for The International Men’s March to Stop Rape, Sexual Assault & Gender Violence. In Calgary, the Walk A Mile In Her Shoes event is in support of the YWCA. It has raised more than $870,000 in the past five years. I’d like to pitch a documentary that would look at the movement that is motivating those who are willing to dig in their heels to make such a statement and be positive role models.

  5. A global group of men in women’s high heels have been trying to stamp out misogyny for a decade. My Banff doc pitch looks at what’s afoot?

  6. Re: previous comment – seems it needs a one-word name. Call it “SHOES” and say it with emphasis, since I can’t add bold or italics to it.

  7. I think “SHOES” is an excellent idea for a documentary! I hadn’t heard of the “Walk A Mile In Her Shoes” event before so I for one can’t wait to learn more and I can just imagine the visuals! After a night of walking in ridiculous shoes I always wished men had to go through the same thing but it’s heartwarming to know there are men out there who would take this on and raise money for the YWCA. I’m looking very forward to seeing more!

  8. SHOES is such a good idea, I would love to see my hubby walking 2 steps on my heels. Great idea Diane, good luck!!!

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