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Haven't you heard? Texting language is the new short-hand and its creeping into more than the occasional office email. Do people even know the correct spelling for popularly shortened words? Text lingo is considered cool by some, and the offenders are growing. Is sloppy language becoming the norm? Is it just a fad?

In their next event, the Calgary Chapter of Canadian Women in Communication will explore the degradation of the English language in business and media. They will look at the merits of the new quick talk by bringing in language traditionalists including journalists and English professors. They'll also highlight arguments from the other side with youth, and marketers to youth, who say this writing style is here to stay. This will be an engaging panel-style discussion encouraging your questions and participation.

The event will take place on March 3rd at Joie de Vivre in Inglewood in support of women in need. Show up at 5:30pm to sign in and network with your industry peers. Dinner will be included with the presentation and with wrap up by 7:30pm.

Visit www.cwc-afc.com for more information and to register for this great event!