Metro Cinema Presents “Happy Birthday, Mango!”

Almara (Nathania Bernabe), a young Filipino care-worker in Canada who struggles to stay connected with her son, while filling the role of ‘mother’ in another family. Touching upon themes of connection and care, the film beautifully illustrates the sacrifices made by so many in pursuit of a better life. Beautifully shot by DOP Wes Miron with music by Jonathan Kawchuk, the film features a stellar cast including Nathania Bernabe, local hip-hop sensation Taylor Hatala, Dean Lonsdale, Renda Daldalera, Samantha Grant, Hort Fleischhauer and Alaister Dunn-Sison.

The family-friendly event will feature Filipino singers, mango refreshments and a Q & A with Eva Colmers, Co-Producer Eric Spoeth and the ENTIRE cast. Tickets can be purchased through the Metro Cinema’s online ticket service at or at the door.

Tickets are $6 for students/seniors, $10 for adults.
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