WIFTA International Women’s Day Expo

A big thank you to all of the amazing filmmakers and WIFTA members who submitted their latest projects for the WIFTA International Women’s Day Expo! Curated by Sharlene Millang, participants were treated to a vast array of genre, style and the inspiration behind the work.

Here’s a list of films that were selected for the showcase:

Alexis Hillyard How to Make Hummus by Stump (or by Hand)
Ava Karvonen Wild Mustang
Chehela Leonard People & Peaks Productions Promo
Christina Estillore Tim Loves Canada
Demmi Dupri Connolly The Calling
Eva Colmers Happy Birthday Mango Clips
Karen Gartner It Matters
Katherine Gobert The Man in the Box
Kerrie Long Spinsters Hanging in Trees
Kristin Bargas Namibia Residency
Marnie Madden The Silver Thimble Gang Trailer
Michelle N. Graff Rabbit Food
Randi Lester War on Waste in Willmore Wilderness Park
Rebecca Campbell Demo Reel
Sarah Taylor Demo Reel
Sarah Von Gertzen Two silent films
Share Munoz Several short projects
Sharlene Millang Raven Adventures
Susan Feddema Leonard Several short projects
Victoria Nestorowich Good for You Music Video