Welcome Shivani Saini to WIFTA’s Board of Directors

Shivani Saini is a media producer, consultant and skillful communicator with over 25 years of professional experience. She holds a Bachelor of Applied Arts Degree in Radio & Television from Ryerson University, and has worked in all genres of media production. Her company, Atelier Culturati, helps cultural institutions, creative leaders and artists produce stories and sold-out events. She specializes in storytelling that advocates for decolonized worldviews, and narratives that represent true equity, diversity and inclusion. Her expertise is sought after by multiple disciplines, and her portfolio includes groundbreaking museum content, award-winning media, cutting-edge theatre, international visual arts affairs, social media initiatives, and festivals that cultivate new works. She was a Producer & Project Manager for the new Royal Alberta Museum’s Aboriginal Media; a commission of 30 Films and a spectacular 360 Video, that sees Indigenous Peoples native to this land sharing their own stories - and authentically from their worldviews. Her past producing credits also include seasons 1, 2 & 3 of the award-winning dramatic television series Blackstone, in the roles of Associate Producer, Business Affairs and Digital Media Producer. For more info please visit www.atelierculturati.com.