Call for Submissions from WIFTA Members!

Give your project some screen time at the Alberta International Women’s Film Festival (AIWFF) by submitting your project to the WIFTA Showcase!

The WIFTA Showcase is a tradition at our film festival, providing the opportunity for all members to participate. Each creator shows a 1-minute clip of their work and has a brief moment to discuss with the group their creative process, the challenges and lessons, or why this subject sparked their passion. It’s a safe and supportive environment, not to mention an excellent way to meet other filmmakers in the industry - and have them know YOU!

What can you submit?

Your project can be a work in progress, a first-time debut or trailer, OR something you’re dusting off the shelves and really proud of.

Does it make you nervous? Good!

Challenge yourself! Brush up on your public speaking and pitching skills. Celebrate your achievements! Meet other women who are doing what you love - maybe get a job out of it. Many of us have.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Absolutely FREE to submit
  • Select a 1-minute clip of your project and email us a downloadable link to [email protected] (subject: WIFTA SHOWCASE)
  • Select your showcase day: Friday, Sept 27 at 4:30pm or Sunday, Sept 29 at 10am.

The showcase will be taking place during AIWFF at NAIT’s Shaw Theatre (11762 - 106st NW, Edmonton, AB). WIFTA Members receive a 50% discount to attend the festival - that’s $25.00 for a 3-day pass to all industry events, information sessions and receptions!

Renew Your Membership/Join WIFTA

If you’re unable to attend the festival - you can designate a WIFTA board member to read a statement on your behalf and still show your work!

We look forward to seeing your work at the festival!